Gene Szafran Abstract
Gene Szafran
Recent Additions
Check out  TimUnderhill's Photostream for covers by a variety of artists,
and as a good source for finding Gene Szafran books check out
Terran Trader .
1963 Abstract
Gene Szafran 1959 Figurative
Gene Szafran Abstract Nude
Gene Szafran Kneeling Woman
Gene Szafran Administrative Assistant
Gene Szafran Ceramic Art
A few foreign printings using Gene's cover art. Below left are some
interesting images but I'm not sure what they were for, and a
record album that just showed up on Discogs.
I just updated my Albums page, and added the cover art for Jacob
Druckman's Animus III. If you look closely at the design you'll see the
Rhinoceros image from the album Gene did for the band of that name. An
inside joke maybe? Click on the image to go to the Albums page.
A benefit of having this page is collectors occasionally send me photos of
interesting work by Gene. Today
Marko Coconut sent me this painting.
I find it to be unique among all the works I have seen by Gene, not because of it's
religious subject matter, but for the execution.