A For Andromeda    Fred Hoyle & John Elliot
1975  Avon

The ABC Murders    Agatha Christie
1974  Pocket

The Alien Way    Gordon R Dickson    
1973  Bantam

All The Gods of Eisernorn    Simon Lang
1973  Avon

All The King's Men    Robert Penn Warren
1974  Bantam

Assignment In Eternity    Robert A. Heinlein
1970  Signet

Baron Orgaz    Frank Lauria
1974  Bantam
1986  Heyne Verlag  

Beastchild    Dean R. Koontz
1970  Lancer

Beyond Control    Ed. by Robert Silverberg
1972  Dell

Beyond The Beyond    Poul Anderson
1969  Signet

Beyond This Horizon    Robert A. Heinlein
1970  Signet

The Book of Steir    Robin Sanborn
1971  Berkley

The Breaking Point    Daphne du Maurier
1973  Avon

Bridge of Ashes    Roger Zelazny
1976  Signet

The Broken-Field Runner    Fred Segal
1971  Signet

Burning Bright    John Steinbeck
1970  Bantam

By The Pricking of My Thumbs  Agatha Christie
1974  Pocket

The Byworlder    Poul Anderson
1971  Signet

Caution! Inflammable!    Thomas N. Scortia
1976  Bantam

Change    Ann Maxwell
1975  Popular Library

Clarion    Ed. by Robin Scott Wilson
1971  Signet

Clarion II    Ed. by Robin Scott Wilson
1972  Signet

The Clockwork Testament    Anthony Burgess
1976  Bantam

The Corridors of Time    Poul Anderson
1971  Lancer

The Cost of Living    Ruth Doan MacDougall
1973  Pocket

Crazy In Berlin    Thomas Berger
1971  Signet

The Dancer From Atlantis    Poul Anderson
1972  Signet

Daughter of Henry VIII    Rosemary Churchill
1972  Pinnacle  -  Blue Background
1978  Pinnacle  -  White Background

The Day After Tomorrow    Robert A. Heinlein
1971  Signet

The Day of The Drones    A. M. Lightner
1970  Bantam

Doctor Orient    Frank Lauria
1974  Bantam

Don't Look Now    Daphne du Maurier
1973  Avon

The Door Into Summer    Robert A. Heinlein
1972  Signet

Double Star    Robert A. Heinlein
1971  Signet
Uzayda Ilk Oyun
1971  Okat Yayınevi    Turkish

Down In The Black Gang    Philip Jose Farmer
1971  Signet

Downward To The Earth    Robert Silverberg
1971  Signet
*  See "Zukunft in falschen Handen"

The Far-Out People    Ed. by Robet Hoskins
1971  Signet

Farnham’s Freehold    Robert A. Heinlein
1970  Signet

Fifth Business    Robertson Davies
1970  Signet

The Flight of The Falcon    Daphne du Maurier
1972  Avon

The Fog    James Herbert
1975  Signet    
Back Cover

The Four-Gated City
   Doris Lessing
1970 Bantam

Frenchman's Creek    Daphne du Maurier
1971   Avon

A Funeral For The Eyes of Fire    Michael Bishop
1975  Ballantine
Eyes of Fire
1980  Pocket
1983  Timescape / Pocket

Fun With Your New Head    Thomas M. Disch
1972  Signet

The Glass Blowers    Daphne du Maurier
1971  Avon

The Goat Without Horns    Thomas Burnett Swann
1971  Ballantine

Golden Lads    Daphne du Maurier
1976  Avon

The Golden Olive    Christabel
1972  Curtis

Gray Matters    William Hjortsberg
1972  Pocket

The Green Hills of Earth    Robert A. Heinlein
1971  Signet

Gypsy In Amber    Martin Smith
1973  Dell

Hermaphrodeity    Alan Friedman
1974  Bard

Heroes & Villans    Angela Carter
1972  Pocket

The House on The Strand    Daphne du Maurier
1969  Avon

Hungry Hill    Daphne du Maurier

Ice    Anna Kavan
1970  Popular

The Ice People    Rene Barjavel
1973  Pyramid

I'll Never Be Young Again    Daphne du Maurier
197   Avon

The Infernal World of Bramwell Bronte    Daphne du Maurier
1974  Avon

I Sing The Body Electric    Ray Bradbury
1971  Bantam

Jamaica Inn    Daphne du Maurier
1971  Avon

Karate Is A Thing of The Spirit    Harry Crews
1972  Pocket

The King's General    Daphne du Maurier
1972  Avon

Kiss Me Again, Stranger    Daphne du Maurier
1972  Avon

A Knight of Ghosts & Shadows    Poul Anderson
1975  Signet

Kronski - McSmash    Timothy Harris
1969  Lancer

Krumnagel    Peter Ustinov
1971  Signet

The Legend of Miaree    Zach Hughes
1974  Ballantine

The Lonely Terror    Serena Mayfield
1973  Pocket

The Loving Spirit    Daphne du Maurier
1973  Avon

The Magnificent Ambersons    Booth Tarkington
1970  Avon

The Man Who Sold The Moon    Robert A. Heinlein
1970  Signet

Marion Davies    Fred Lawrence Guiles
1972  Bantam
Gene Szafran
Mary Anne    Daphne du Maurier
1973  Avon

The Menace from Earth    Robert A. Heinlein
1970  Signet

Methuselah’s Children    Robert A. Heinlein
1971  Signet

The Mind Masters #1    John Rossmann
1974  Signet

The Mind Masters #2 – Shamballah    John Rossmann
1975  Signet

The Mind Masters #3 – The Door    John Rossmann
1975  Signet

The Mind Masters #4 – Amazons    Ian Ross
1976  Signet

The Mind Masters #5 – Recycled Souls    Ian Ross
1976  Signet

Moonferns & Starsongs    Robert Silverberg
1971  Ballantine

The Muller-Fokker Effect    John Sladek
1973  Pocket

My Cousin Rachel    Daphne du Maurier
1972  Avon

The Name Above The Title    Frank Capra
1972  Bantam

New Writings in SF 9    Ed. by John Carnell
1972  Bantam

Nightwings    Robert Silverberg
1970  Avon
1976  Equinox

No More Morals    Lester Graham
1971  Pyramid

The Occult Explosion    Nate Freedland
1972  Berkley

Ordeal By Innocence  Agatha Christie
1974  Pocket

The Organ Bank Farm    John Boyd
1972  Bantam

Orphans of The Sky    Robert A. Heinlein
1970  Signet

The Parasites    Daphne du Maurier
1971  Avon

The Phone Calls  Lillian O'Donnell
1973  Dell

Planet der Verbannten  Eric Frank Russell
1971  Ullstein
*  Uses art from Robert Silverberg's "Those Who Watch"

The Progress of Julius    Daphne du Maurier
1973  Avon

Protostars    David Gerrold
1971  Ballantine
*  See also Sirius # 2

Pstalemate    Lester Del Ray
1971  G.P. Putnam's Sons

The Puppet Masters    Robert A. Heinlein
1971  Signet

Raga Six      Frank Lauria
1976  Bantam
1986  Heyne Verlag  
O Vampiro    Portugese

Rebecca    Daphne du Maurier
1973  Avon

The Rebel Worlds /
A Knight of Ghosts & Shadows
   Poul Anderson
1982  Signet

Reinhart In Love    Thomas Berger
1971  Signet

Revolt In 2100    Robert A. Heinlein
1971  Signet

Rule Britannia    Daphne du Maurier
1974  Avon

Saturday, The Twelfth of October    Norma Fox Mazer
1976  Laurel Leaf

Saxon’s Ghost    Steven Fisher
1972  Pyramid

The Scapegoat    Daphne du Maurier
197   Avon

The Second Trip    Robert Silverberg
1972  Doubleday / SFBC

She Walks In Beauty    Stephen Longstreet
1972  Pyramid

The Sign of The Fool    John S. Simon
1971  Ace

Sirius # 2    Ed. by Borivoj Jurkovic
1976  Vjesnik  
*  Uses art from "Protostars"  Ed. by David Gerrold

A Small Armageddon    Mordecai Roshwald
1976  Signet

Son of Man    Robert Silverberg
1971  Ballantine

Space For Hire    William F. Nolan
1971  Lancer

Spock, Messiah!    T. Cogswell & C. Spano Jr.
1976  Bantam

Star Fever    Nancy Weber
1971  Signet

The Star Fox    Poul Anderson
1971  Signet

Star of The Unborn    Franz Werfel
1976  Batam

The Stars Around Us    Ed. by Robert Hoskins
1970  Signet

Stranger In The House    Serena Mayfield
1972  Pocket

Swords Against Tomorrow    Ed. by Robert Hoskins
1970  Signet

Syzygy    Michael G. Coney
1973  Ballantine

The Teachers  Jerry Weil
1969  Signet

There Will Be Time / The Dancer From Atlantis    
Poul Anderson
1982  Signet

Third From The Sun    Richard Matheson
1970  Bantam

This Perfect Day    Ira Levin
1971  Fawcett Crest

Those Who Watch    Robert Silverberg
1971  Signet
*  See also Planet der Verbannten

The Time Masters    Wilson Tucker
1972  Lancer

A Time of Changes    Robert Silverberg
1971  Signet

Time’s Last Gift    Philip Jose Farmer
1972  Lancer

Timestop    Philip Jose Farmer
1970  Lancer

Today We Choose Faces / Bridge of Ashes    Roger Zelazny
1981  Signet

To Ride Pegasus    Anne McCaffrey
1973  Ballantine

Trullion: Alastor 2262    Jack Vance
1973  Ballantine

Two Planets    Kurd Lasswitz
1976  Popular

Ubik    Philip K. Dick
1977  Bantam

Vital Parts    Thomas Berger
1970  Signet

Walk To The End of The World    Suzy McKee Charnas
1974  Ballantine
1977  Del Rey
Caminando Hacia El Fin Del Mundo
1976  Edaf  Spanish

WASP    Eric Frank Russell
1971  Bantam

The Waters of Centaurus    Rosel George Brown
1972  Lancer

The Winding Stair    Daphne du Maurier
1978  Avon

The Winter of The World    Poul Anderson
1976  Signet

Wolfwinter    Thomas Burnett Swann
1972  Ballantine

Zukunft in falschen Handen    Robert Moore Williams
1972  Ullstein
*  Uses cover art from "Downward To The Earth" by Robert

Gene's art for the Robert A. Heinlein series has been
used on 3 different box set boxes
The Book of Stier - Gene Szafran
The Corridors of Time - Gene Szafran
Saxton's Ghost - Gene Szafran
The Perfect Day - Gene Szafran
The Beautiful Egg   1973
Holt, Rinehart and Winston    James & Ruth McCrea
Fully Illustrated

Butterfields Playboy Auction Catalog  2002
Butterfields    1 Illustration

Christ Nourishes the Members of God's Family   1968
Benzinger, Inc.    Gerald P. Weber
Fully Illustrated

Extensions of the Artist; Prints from the Winston Collection
1968  Krannert Art Gallery
Print listing, no art

Famous Artists Annual 1  1978
Famous Artists School, Inc.  Milton Rugoff, Ed.
2 album covers reproduced in color

Fiorello La Guardia    1969
Thomas Y. Crowell Company    Mervyn Kaufman
Fully Illustrated


Illustration In The Third Dimension   1978
Hastings House Publishers    Society of Illustrators  
Photo with sculpture

Illustrators    Society of Illustrators
Hastings House, Publishers
#  10  - 1969    4 Illustrations
Al Hutt Assoc., Playboy
Boy's Life
09/68   Illustration for "The Proper Study / The Faun"
02/75   2 Illustrations for "Entrapped" by Robb White
08/77   2 Illustrations for “White-Out At Sea by Margaret Chittende
01/69   Illustration for “Girl Overboard” by Garson Kanin
Dimensions  Simpson Lee Paper Company
#  46 - Profile of artist with art


04/74   Illustration for "Are You Coproducing With Me Lord?"
12/75   Plaster Relief
 Hand  -  18 x 18
06/66   Illustration for "The Rich Girl" by Dan Wakefield
05/67   Illustration for "Quarrel" by John D. MacDonald
06/67   Illustration for "Pin Money" by James Cross
09/67   Illustration for "Testimony Concerning Edward Darwin Caparell" by Ken Purdy
02/68   Illustration for "The Hot Sauces of Magda" by Bernard Wolfe
06/69   3 Illustrations for "A Life In The Day of" by Frank M. Robinson
06/70   Illustration for "Button, Button" by Richard Matheson
05/71   Illustration for  "One Good Turn" by Brad Williams
10/64   Illustration for "Everyone Gets Somewhere" by Merrill Joan Gerber
06/65   Illustration for "The Family Man" by Arthur Heinemann
02-03/73   2 Illustrations for "The Church In Scouting: Stumbling Block or Stepping Stone?"
09/73   Illustration for "Tips For Explorer Advisers"
TV Guide
12.20/69   Cover
1964  Detroit Illustrators - Silver Medal
1965  ADCD Photo Show - Gold Medal
1968  21st Annual Art Guild of Chicago - Two "Best of" category, Two Certificates of Merit
1968  Grammy Nominee, BEST ALBUM COVER Gene Szafran, graphic design - Rhinoceros
Gold Medal - Detroit Art Directors Club, General Illustration
1970  Certificate of Excellence, AIGA
1970  Award of Excellence CA-70  -  11th Annual Exhibit
1971  Locus Poll, Best PB Cover Illustrator  (Nomination)
1972  Locus Poll, Best Paperback Artist  (Win)
1973  Locus Poll, Best Paperback Cover Artist  (Nomination)
1974  Locus Poll, Best Professional Artist (Nomination)
1974  Society of Illustrators - One Man Show
1975  GE Gallery - 5 Man Exhibit
1976  Society of Illustrators 17 - Award of Excellence
The Ages of Rock  1968
Cy Coleman    MGM Records  

Akrata, Pithoprakta / Capriccio For Violin & Orchestra,
De Natura Sonoris
Iannis Xenakis / Krzysztof Penderecki    Nonesuch

Animus III, Synapse Valentine  1971
Jacob Druckman    Nonesuch

Ars Nova    1968
Ars Nova    Elektra

Concerto For Prepared Piano & Orchestra / Baroque
John Cage / Lukas Foss    Nonesuch

Earth's Magnetic Field  1970
Charles Dodge  Nonesuch

4 Legends From "The Kalevala", Op. 22  1968
Jean Sibelius, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Lukas Foss

Garden Of Delights  1971
Various    Elektra

The Great American Eagle Tragedy  1969
Earth Opera    Elektra
As many publications of the time period Gene was working did not list the artist on a book,
this listing is as accurate as possible based on judgement.
Gene Szafran Second Trip Hardcover
The Organ Bank Farm - Gene Szafran
In My Own Dream  1968
The Butterfield Blues Band    Elektra

Intergalactic Trot  1973
Stardrive with Robert Mason    Elektra

The Moray Eels Eat The Holy Modal Rounders  1968
The Holy Modal Rounders    Elektra

The New Trumpet  1972
Peter Maxwell Davies / Lucia Dlugoszewski / William
Hellerman* - Gerard Schwarz, Ursula Oppens    Nonesuch

The Nonsuch Guide to Electronic Music  1968
Paul Beaver & Bernard L. Krause    Nonesuch

Pictures At An Exhibition  1975
Tomita    RCA Red Seal

Rhinoceros  1968
Rhinoceros    Elektra

Satin Chickens  1969
Rhinoceros    Elektra

Tic Toc Tic  2009
The Zolas  Light Organ Records
* Uses art from Robert Heinlein book 'Double Star'

Traveling Underground  1973
Ian Lloyd & Stories    Kama Sutra
Artist Associates - Poster

Felicitaions - Promotional Poster - Color 34 x 43

Lobster - Print

Society of Illustrators - Poster

Span - Print  1960  Lithograph and Intaglio  Artists Proof
10 1/4 x 29 1/4  -  6 7/16 x 26 3/4  Signed & Dated in pencil, l.r.

Zodiac - Print
Signed in pencil, l.r.
Illustrators  (Cont.)
#  11  - 1970    4 Illustrations
Album art, Playboy, We Live In Union
#  12  -  1971   4 Illustrations
Merrill Lynch, Nonesuch, Advertising
#  13  - 1972    1 Illustration  -  Heinlein
#  15  - 1974    1 Illustration
#  16  - 1975    3 Illustrations
#  17  - 1976    1 Illustration -
Award of Excellence
#  18  - 1977    2 Illustrations
#  19  - 1978    1 Illustration

Infinite Worlds  1997
Virgin Books    Vincent DiFate
Full page Illustration, full page Bio with art

The Manischewitz Passover Cookbook   1969
Walker    Deborah Ross
Fully Illustrated

Shape Up For Super Sex  Mary Ann Crenshaw
1977  Delacourte Press Hardcover
1981  Dell Paperback
Ginastica Para Aumentar os Prazeres do SEXO
1977  Editora Record Trade Paperback    Portugese
Fully Illustrated

200 Years of American Illustration   1977
Random House    Society of Illustrators
Color Illustration from Penthouse Magazine

We Live in Union with God's Family   1972
Benzinger, Inc.    Gerald P. Weber
Fully Illustrated