Michael Wm. Kaluta
Alan Parsons Project  Broadcast Arts
1984  Production work on “Don’t Answer Me” video
* See video Here  (New link)

Better Things: Life & Choices of Jeffrey Jones  Maria Cabardo
2013  Interview

Buckaroo Banzai  20th Century
1984  Cover art on comic used as prop in film

Dr. Moreau's House of Pain  Full Moon Entertainment
2004  Conceptual designs

The Flash  Pet Fly Productions
1990  TV Show
Alternate costume and armored police van designs

Frank Frazetta: Painting With Fire  Cinemachine
2003  DVD

The Human Target  Pet Fly Productions
1992  TV Show
Communicator and the flying “Black Wing” designs

J.R.R. Tolkien: Master of The Rings  Eagle Rock
2004  DVD

Mil Gritos Tiene la Noche
 Italian Horror film
2008  Re-issued by Grindhouse as "Pieces"
Uses "The Master of Men" as poster background & DVD packaging
* Without permission

MTV Interview  MTV
1984  Interview for “Don’t Answer Me” video
* See video Here

Nativity In Black  Columbia International
1994  VHS - British (PAL Format)
Promotional video with Cover art from Album on box

New York Comic Con  CBR TV
 Video interview at the NYCC convention

nuff Said! DVD  Ken Gale
2005  Interview recorded at the Big Apple Con in
1999 and originally aired on the radio in two parts

Osmosis Jones  Warner Brothers
1999  Conceptual designs for animated film

Pan's Labyrinth  New Line
2007  Animated Comic in 2 Disc set

Prisoners of Gravity  Mark Askwith
Canadian TV show focusing on Comics
10/04/90  Season 2 Episode   1 -  "Adaptations"
11/08/90  Season 2 Episode   6 -  "Collaborations" w/Elaine Lee
01/17/91  Season 2 Episode 16 -  "Animation 1"
04/16/92  Season 3 Episode 28 -  "Advice"
* See video Here
01/14/93  Season 4 Episode 14 -  "Weapons"
04/01/93  Season 4 Episode 23 -  "Crime & Punishment"
* Thanks to Jmdeleon for the resource

RetailVision  Concrete Marketing
1994  VHS
Vol. 51 Metal Vision
Nativity In Black Promo video using Michael's cover & Tarot art

The Rocketeer  Disney
1991  Michael's pin up art was used by Dave Stevens as part of an
art package to show prospective film companies the look and feel
of the character. A scene based on the art was filmed, but only a
portion made the final cut

The Shadow  Universal
1994  Designs used for atmospher of movie
Make-up designed for Alec Baldwin

Spider-Man 2  Columbia
2004  DVD Gift Set - Comic titled "The Comic Book Artist's Portfolio"
1 Illustration

Spider-Man: Once Upon A Time – The Super Heroes  ILC Prime
2002  DVD

The Studio Panel  Ithacon 11

Sun Light Commercials
 Broadcast Arts
1988  Production work on 2 commercials

"Tac au Tac"  French Television Program
1972  Video of Michael Kaluta, Berni Wrightson,
Philippe Druillet and Jean Claude Forest drawing
* See video Here

Production work on video for "Karma"
Pan's Labyrinth
All art copyright Michael Wm. Kaluta and the respective owners.