Adventures of Brucilla The Muscle:
Galactic Girl Guide / Guard
1991  Character & setting designs w/mood Illustrations,
as well as toy prototypes for a Pet Fly film treatment of a
Starstruck spin-off aimed at Disney.

Adventures of The Galactic Girl Guides  Tundra
1991  Comic & activity books w/art by Linda Medley,
Phil Trumbo and Michael.

Anne of The Green Gables
 A series of Illustrated English language books for
Japanese children w/Charles Vess. Several finished Illustrations
appear in Charles’ card set.
* # 55, 56, 57 and 60

Akira Pin-Up  Marvel
1989  Michael completed the art but I cannot find it published

Aria Gaming Screen  Last Unicorn
1993  Two Aria book covers were published, but the screen art
didn’t see print until the 2nd Kaluta card set on cards # 37-39.
It also appears in the ECHOES art book.

The Art of Michael Wm. Kaluta  Desperado
2008  A large coffee table book was solicited, twice, and then cancelled

The Black Onyx  
1995-98  Designed characters & embellished environments for this
CD-ROM game with an international host of artists, writers and
designers such as Roger Dean and Elaine Lee.

Blast  G & D Publications
#  3  (1971)  Cover - art finished but magazine never published

Champs Fantasy Phone Card  Champs Manufacturing
1994  “Children of The Twilight” phone card samples

Conan: Red Nails  Swordplay Entertainment
2005-09  Concept art for direct to DVD animated film

Creation Con Logo  Creation
1973  Logo for Ticket or Badge - art completed and not used

Darkman  Universal Cartoon Company
1990  Character & setting designs w/mood Illustrations

Focus On The Family
 Presentaion art for live action video series
Poster design for “High Adventure Tales”

G-Men  Pet Fly/ Hollywood Films
1991  Production designs for film set in the 1920s

Hannible The Conqueror  Revolution Studios
2003  Film Design Concepts

Harry B. Trew  Lorimar
1990-91  Character & setting designs w/mood illustrations

Harry Potter Web Ring  EA Games
2002  Various designs

Heresy: Kingdom Come  Last Unicorn
1995  Art for 5 card subset was produced but never released

House of Secrets  DC
1970  Unpublished 5 pg. story "A Most Peculiar Man"

Kaluta: The Big Book  IDW
2016  Hardcover
304 pg. Retrospective

The Last Unicorn  Scholastic
2007  126 pgs. of breakdowns & character drawings

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus  German Television
2002  Designs & character studies for TV version of
L. Frank Baum's book

The Lord of The Rings Prints  Glimmer Graphics
1994  Plans included doing all 12 illustrations from the calendar as
prints, and did all the color seps from the originals.
Two prints were published before the print market went bust.

The Lord of The Rings Prints
Later another company approached Michael to do prints from the
calendar, and a sample or two were produced, but the project never

Lovecraft Is Missing  Film Roman
1997  Design Illustrations for animated series

Madstar  Fanzine
#  2  ( 1970)  Cover - art finished but fanzine never published

Mermaid Model Kit  Avatar Creations
1997  Unreleased Model Kit based on Starstruck Eeeeeeeeeluh art.
Sculpted by Susumu Sugita
* Several prototypes was produced but not approved

The Microverse  Byron Preiss
1989  Proposed illustrated edition of Harry Harrison book

Monster Matinee  Universal Cartoon Company
1990  Character & setting designs w/mood illustrations

The Moon Boy  Bank Street Press
1989  Several Illustrations completed when author opted for another artist

Mythos  Anthony F. Smith    
1968  Proposed fanzine that was never published. Art appeared elsewhere

Nativity In Black II  Divine / Priority
2000  Art for "Fairies Wear Boots" was done but not used

Paradise Lost  Legendary Comics
2011-12  Graphic Novel of film project, to be written by Steve Niles

Portal Publications Posters  Portal
1978  Portal planned on producing seven posters with Michael, but
cancelled Sentry and Solo, the first two in the series

Ragged Earth  SegaSoft
1996  Character & weapon designs for video game

Righteous Brothers  London Records
1974  Re-Issue Album cover

Rock Art Candy Wrappers
Several illustrations done on spec for proposed project

Rocketeer Tin Sign Design Graphitti Designs
1991  Design proposal

The Shadow Art Prints  Showcase Art Productions
1976  2 proposed prints never published. Possibly
images from the 1974 proposed Shadow Portfolio.
An ad for Lamont & Margo and The Master of Men ran in
The Comics Journal #33, and mentioned these future prints.

The Shadow Graphic Novel  Fantagraphics
1979  "Dragon Shadows", a proposed graphic novel written by
Harlan Ellison
* “Marionettes” was produced for the cover

The Shadow Portfolio  Middle Earth
1974  A proposed portfolio prior to the company closing.
Advertised as a signed & numbered edition of 1000 w/6 plates

A Song of Fire And Ice Calendar  Dabel Brothers
2010  This was to be the second calendar by the Dabel Brothers
featuring all new art by Michael, much of which is completed.

Starstruck Enameled Pins  Graphitti Designs
A 2nd set of pins with Eeeeeeeeeluh, Rah El Rex, Bronwyn of The Veil,
and Kalif Bajar.

Starstruck: The Expanding Universe  Marlowe & Co.
1996  A proposed collection of  Starstruck

Stealth Warriors of The Red Pyramid  Marvel
1993  Character & aircraft designs for AM cartoon

Superman  DC
1997  Design alternate characters for a film proposal

Theme Park Designs
 Dozens of drawings for Theme Park design with Roger Dean

Into The Blight  TOR
2011  An online presentation of the second half of Robert Jordan's
"The Eye of The World". This was to have 10 Illustrations.
Several were completed.

Trooper  Metropolitan Film
1989-91 Design & production paintings for a Sci Fi / Noir film

Tunnel Runner CBS Electronics
1983  Color ad that wasn’t used as game changed

Web of Horror  Major Magazines
#  4  (1971)  Story art for "I Can't See My Face Because My Name
Keeps Getting In The Way" was stolen. It recently came to light in a
Heritage auction in 2015.

Zephyr’s Pond  Frank L. Pisani  
2000  Designs of main characters for animated series
Michael Wm. Kaluta
Throughout an artists' career there are countless projects that they may be involved in that never see
the light of day. Michael in no exception, and this is a listing of what I have been able to find.
Conan Red Nails
Lovecraft Is Missing
Into The Blight
Paradise Lost
All art copyright Michael Wm. Kaluta and the respective owners.
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