Michael Wm. Kaluta
Anyone For An Exorcism ?
Commissioned during the release of  The Exorcist
to capitalize on the film's popularity
* See Original Art Catalogs
** Also used in Comicon '78 Interview

Black Aria Sweatshirt  Blue Grape
2007  White line art on black shirt

Black Aria T-Shirt  Blue Grape
2007  Full Color art on black shirt

Boston Net Goths
Silver Sailing Ship

Colorado Convention
 Starstruck Illustration from Convention book cover
* later recreated by the con for Glimmer Graphics

Comic Book Art  Topless California
2007  3 Illustrations on shirt including "Stealer of Souls"

Conan  Marvel  

Curious Shop Book
1975  Done in several colors

Danzig 4  Danzig
* Image on breast
* German Tour hirt
* Halloween Show Shirt - Ram image on back in orange
* Long Sleeve image on front
*  See Music page for images

Danzig 4 Dickies Work Shirt
 Yin Yang art on back

Erie Art Museum

Eve To Adam
* Baby Doll T w/image in color
* Image in line
* Image small on breast

Guardian Angel Tour  Neil Gaiman
1999  Image from Gods & Tulips comic cover

Heresy  Last Unicorn
1995  Promotional w/art from card back w/Rick Berry

Mage: The Ascension  White Wolf
1993  Euthanatos art

Mage: The Awakening  White Wolf
2005  Pentagram art

MW Kaluta Skull  Topless California
2007  Color Illustration from the sketchbooks

Nativity In Black  Columbia
1994  Promotional white shirt w/cover art

Nativity In Black II  Divine / Priority
2000  Promotional white shirt w/cover art

The Shadow  Kingslayer
1982  Regular & Limited Editions
* “The Weed of Crime Bears Bitter Fruit” on Ltd.

The Shadow  Graphitti
1990  Liar’s Poker
* Later done as a plaque

Starstruck  Elaine Lee

* The Expanding Universe I
* The Expanding Universe II

Starstruck  Zazzle
2011  Various designs available in different color & sizes
* AudioComics
* Bajar Twins Playing Card: Kalif
* Bajar Twins Playing Card: Ronnie
* Brucilla & Galactic Girl Guides
* Droid Wars Mission Patch
* Evildoers
* Galatia 9 & Brucilla
* Kalif & Annies
* Skate The Mirror Mission Badge
* Tri-Clone Invasion Badge
* U4F Mission Badge

The Studio  Glimmer Graphics
1992  Studio logo on front w/artists names on back
* 20 produced as gifts for the Studio artists and friends

Venrez  Venrez
2012  Sell The Lie
Ladies Tank top
Men's T-shirt

The Victorian  Penny-Farthing
2004  The Victorian # 8 cover art

 Art used on back of shirts worn by staff
All art copyright Michael Wm. Kaluta and the respective owners.
See Music page for several music related shirts