Michael Wm. Kaluta
The Amazing World of Carmine Infantino  
2001  Hardcover & Trade Paper
2 pg. "Appreciation" w/art

Art of Imagination: 20th Century Visions of Science
Fiction, Horror and Fantasy
 Collector's Press
2002  Hardcover
Lord of The Rings 1994 Calendar Cover reprint

The Art of Neil Gaiman  
Harper Design
Hayley Campbell
2014  Hardcover
Reprints Gods & Tulips cover
* No credit in the index

Art of Painted Comics
Dynamite Entertainment
Christopher Lawrence
2014  Harcover

The Art of Red Sonja  
2010  Hardcover
Cover reproduction

The Art of Star Wars Galaxy
Gary Gerani, Ed.
1993  Trade Paper
1994  Hardcover
Signed Limited w/traycase of 1000
Bio w/photo and art

Batman Cover To Cover
DC Comics
2004  Hardcover
Several cover reproductions

Batman In Detective Comics Vol. II
Abbeville Press
1994  Trade Paper
9 Detective covers

Batman In The Seventies
DC Comics
1993  Trade Paper  
3 covers reprinted

Batman: A Visual History  
2014  Slipcased Hardcover
Various cover reprints

Bernie Wrightson: Art & Design For The Gang of
Seven Animation Studio
 Hermes Press
2017  Hardcover
Limited Edition with color cover, Download card
2017  Hardcover

Bernie Wrightson Artifact Edition  
2017  Hardcover - 3 cover editions

A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction
& Fantasy Artists
Greenwood Press
Bob Weinberg
1988  Hardcover
Biographical listing

Brush With Passion: The Art & Life of Dave Stevens
Underwood Books
2008  Hardcover
Signed Limited of 235
2008  Slipcased Hardcover Ed.  & Reg. Hardcover
2 pg. "Enter Laughing, Exit Same ..." tribute w/art &
photos, copy of fan letter Michael sent Dave when
The Rocketeer first made it's appearance

The Business of Comics
Lurene Haines
1998  Trade Paper

Comic Book Artists
Alex Malloy
1993  Trade Paper
Checklist w/art

The Comic-Book Book
Krause Publications
Don Thompson & Dick Lupoff, Ed.
1998  Trade Paper
Carson of Venus & Spawn of Frankenstein discussed

The Comic Book Encyclopedia
Harper Collins
Ron Goulart
2004  Hardcover
Starstruck art and various mentions

Comic Book Price Guide
Comic Heaven ad w/altered Verzyl ad art

Comic Book Rebels
Underwood Books
1993  Hardcover
Signed Limted Slipcased of 750
D.I. Fine
1993  Hardcover & Trade Paper
Mention in text

Comic Fandom Reader
Hampster Press
1999  Trade Paper
2 panels from Carson of Venus

Comics Between The Panels
Dark Horse
Steve Duin & Mike Richardson
1998  Trade Paper

Comics, vom massenblatt ins multimediale
1996  Trade Paper
Brief mention in text

Conan The Phenomenon
Dark Horse
Paul M. Sammon
2007  Hardcover

Dale's Comic Fanzine Price Guide  Amdale Media
2011  Trade Paper
Various Fanzine listings

Das Grosse Comic-Lexicon
Schwarzkopf Verlag
Marcel Feige
2004  Trade Paper
Biographical listing

DC Comics: A Celebration of
Favorite Comic Book Heroes
Les Daniels
2003  Hardcover
3 Illustrations

DC Comics: Sixty Years of The World's Favorite
Comic Book
 Little Brown
1995  Hardcover

DC Comics: A Visual History (Updated Ed)  DK
2014  Slipcased Hardcover
Various cover reprints

The DC Vault
Running Press
Martin Pasko
2008  Boxed Hardcover
Reprints History of The DC Universe Jam Poster

Dictionnaire Encyclopedique Des
Heroes et Auteurs de BD
Editions Glenat
Henri Filippini
2000  Trade Paper – 3 Book Set
Biographical listing

Dragon's Dream :Roger Dean
Harper Design
2008  Hardcover
2 Illustrations

Drawings of Women by Roy G. Krenkel:
Sibyls, Sirens & Swordsmen
2014  Hardcover & Trade paper

Dream Catchers: The Artwork of Lola & Jonathan
 by Lola & Jonathan Myers
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
2014  Trade paper
Blurb on back cover

Encyclopedic des bandes dessinees
A. Michel
1986  Trade Paper
Biographical Listing

Encyclopedia of American Comics
Facts On File
Ron Goulart
1991  Hardcover & Trade Paper
Biographical Listing

Encyclopedia of Fantasy
St. Martin’s Press
John Clute & John Grant, Ed.
1997  Hardcover & Trade Paper
Biographical listing

Eros In The Minds Eye  
Greenwood Press
Donald Palumbo, Ed.
1986  Hardcover
Reproductions of “Sacrifice” &
“Why He Doesn’t Sleep At Night”

Essential J.R.R. Tolkien Sourcebook
New Page
George Beahm
2005  Hardcover & Trade Paper
3 pg. Interview w/ Bio and art

Fandom’s Finest Comics Vol. II
Hamster Press
Bill Schelly
1998  Trade Paper
2 pg. “Eyes of Mars” Strip art

Fantasy of The 20th Century
Collector’s Press
Randy Broecker
2001  Hardcover
Tolkien Calendar cover art reproduced

Faces Figures Fantasies:
The Art of Thomas Haller Buchanan
2015  Deluxe Signed Slipcased & Trade paper

Flights of Icarus
Paper Tiger
1977  Hardcover & Trade Paper
Les Vols D’Icare  French
Reproductions of  “She’s Leaving Home” &
“In The Twinkling of An Eye”

The Golden Age of Comic Fandom
Hamster Press
Bill Schelly
1999  Trade Paper
Photo w/art

Great Comic Book Artists Vol. II
St. Martin’s Press
Ron Goulart
1989  Trade Paper
Biographical listing w/art
Heavy Metal: 25 Years of Classic Covers
Heavy Metal
John Workman, Ed.
2002  Hardcover
Reprints the 12/78 Back Cover

Historia de Los Comics Vol. III
J. Toutain & J. Coma, Ed.
1982  Hardcover
Mentioned throughout text w/4 Illustrations

History of The DC Universe
1988  Hardcover
Signed Limited of 1000
1988  Hardcover
Fold-out Jam poster
The Spectre
* 1st Edition contained postcard w/art

Horror Comics: The Illustrated History
Taylor Publications
Mike Benton
1991  Hardcover

Jeffrey Jones: The Definitive Reference
Hill ∙ Kolean ∙ Maris ∙ Spurlock
2013  Slipcased Hardcover / Hardcover / Trade Paper
Afterword w/photos

A Look Back  
Land of Enchantment
Christopher Zavisa
1979  Hardcover
Signed Limited Slipcased of 250
1979  Hardcover
Underwood & Miller
1991  Hardcover
Signed Limited w/Traycase of 300
1991  Hardcover Limited to 700
1991  Trade Paper
“Whe He Doesn’t Sleep At Night” in Studio chapter

The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley, Volume 1: Drawings
Picture This Press
2012  Trade Paper

Magnetic Storm
Harmony Books
Roger Dean
1984  Hardcover & Trade Paper
Reprints Cover and pgs. 56 & 57 from The Studio

Memories of A Munchkin
M. Raabe / Lt. Daniel Kinske
Back Stage Books
2005  Hardcover
1 Illustration

Modern Masters  TwoMorrows
#  11  (02/07)  Introduction to the Charles Vess volume

Over 50 Years of American Comic Books
Mallard Press
Ron Goulart
1991  Hardcover
Biographical Listing

The Photo-Journal Guide To Marvel Comics Vol. 3
Ernest Gerber
1991  Hardcover
Cover to Conan #167 reproduced in color

The Photo-Journal Guide To Marvel Comics Vol. 4
Ernest Gerber
1991  Hardcover
Reproductions of King Conan and Moon Knight covers
& Foreign Conan magazine cover

The Art of Pierangelo Boog  Boog
2015  Signed Limited Hardcover of 300
Introduction, 1 illustration

Joel Meadows
2012  Trade Paper
Photo portraits of comic artists

Realms of Tolkien
Harper Prism
1996  Hardcover
Le Royaume De Tolkien  French
1996  Hardcover
3 Illustrations w/bio
El Mundo De Tolkien  Spanish
La Tierra Media
1998  Hardcover

Rebel Visions:  The Underground Comix
Revolution 1963 – 1975
Patrick Rosenkranz
2002  Hardcover
2008  Trade Paper
Mentioned in Gothic Blimp history

REH: A Short Biography
Cross Plains Comics
Rusty Burke
1999  Trade Paper
3 Illustrations

RGK: The Art of Roy G. Krenkel
J. David Spurlock
2005  Hardcover
Limited Slipcased of 800 w/16 Additional pages
2005  Hardcover & Trade Paper
Michael wrote the chapter “Drawing The Line”

Roy G. Krenkel: Savage Worlds  Pure Imagination
2011  Trade Paper
Reprints art from "As The Green Star Rises"

Richmond Independent Press: A History of The
Underground Zine Scene  
The History Press
2013  Trade Paper
Photo and mention of Michael and "Eyes of Mars" strip

Secrets In The Shadows: The Art & Life of Gene Colan
Tom Field
2005  Trade Paper
1 Illustration w/Gene Colan

Sense of Wonder
Bill Schelly
2001  Trade Paper
Several early fanzine illustrations

75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of
Modern Mythmaking
Paul Levitz
2010  Oversized Hardcover
Several cover reprints

Underwood Books
Vol.  1  
1994  Hardcover
Signed Limited Slipcased of 500
1994  Hardcover & Trade Paper
4 Illustrations
Hardcover & Trade Paper
2000  Vol.  7
1 Illustration
2001  Vol.  8
2 Illustrations
2003  Vol. 10
Grand Master Award w/art
2004  Vol. 11
1 Illustration
2005  Vol. 12
3 Illustrations
2006  Vol. 13
2 Illustrations
2007  Vol. 14
3 Illustrations
2009  Vol. 16
1 Illustration
2010  Vol. 17
2 Illustraions
2011  Vol. 18
2 Illustrations
2012  Vol. 19
1 Illustration

Star Wars Art Comics
2011  Hardcover
1 Illustration

Tales of The Dark Knight
1989  Trade Paper
Reprints Detective #572 cover

Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration
Titan Books
Scott Tracy Griffin
2012  Hardcover
3 cover reprints

Underwood Books
2001  Hardcover
Signed Limited Slipcased
2001  Hardcover & Trade Paper
3 pg. text on Frazetta

Treasures From The Misty Mountains
Collector's Guide Publishing
James Gillam
2004  Trade Paper
Lord of The Rings art

Tripwire 20th Anniversary Edition  Tripwire Pub.
Joel Meadows, Ed.
2013  Trade Paper
1 Illustration

The Uncanny Dave Cockrum Tribute
Clifford Meth, Ed.
2004  Trade Paper
1 Illustration inked by Bob Wiacek

Comicplus - German
Eckert Sackmann
1992  Trade Paper
Reprints Astral Pirates cover art

Vertigo Visions
Watson Guptill
Alisa Kwitney
2000  Hardcover
2003  Trade paper
5 Illustrations

Visions of Arzach
Kitchen Sink
Randy L’Officier, Ed.
1993  Hardcover
Die Traume des Arzach
1993  Hardcover – German
1 Illustration

Who’s Who of American Comic Books
J. Bails
Jerry Bails/Hames Ware, Ed.
1976  Trade Paper
Bio w/art

Women and the Comics
Eclipse Books
Trina Robbins/Catherine Yronwode
1985  Hardcover
Signed Limited of 600
1985  Hardcover & Trade Paper
1 page

The World of Art Fantastix Vol. 2
Art Fantastix
2005  Trade Paper
Several Illustrations

The World of A Wayward Comic Book Artist
Swallow Press
Sandy Plunkett
2010  Hardcover

World Encyclopedia of Comics  
Chelsea House
Maurice Horn
1976  Hardcover
2 pg. Biographical listing
These titles may only mention Michael or give a brief biographical sketch.
All art copyright Michael Wm. Kaluta and the respective owners.