Michael Wm. Kaluta
All art copyright Michael Wm. Kaluta and the respective owners.
Monster Mash CD
There is a large Treasury Edition of Starstruck and a new illustrated Don Gates book, also available as a Kindle book.
Dynamite Comics has also gotten Mike to do several new
SHADOW covers.
The Artist's Edition of Starstruck from IDW is available and showcases Mike's amazing work
that was hidden by size and color in the original Graphic Novel.
Now available is the 20th Anniversary Edition of Mage: The Ascension, with 10 new full color illustrations. There are posters & t-shirts
of these images as well. Also, the Mythic Coloring Book is bursting with incredible pen & ink work by Mike and Charles Vess.
2017 saw the release of the new Harry Palmer 6 issue comic, as well as the Kickstarter Hardcover collection of the series.
The Big Book of Michael Kaluta is still in production.