Michael Wm. Kaluta
Adventures Of The Astral Pirates
Lenny White
1978  Elektra
Cassette  TC-5121
Insert w/Cover art
LP  GE-121
LP  P-10485E  -  Japanese
Fold out cover & 10 interior illustrations
8-Track  ET-8121  Cover art only
 AMCY 2859  Japanese
Booklet has fold out cover art & 10 interior illos
CD  WOU 6121
Booklet has fold out cover art
10 illustrations on back insert

After Forever
1994   Tarot art from N.I.B. used as cover art
CD Single  CSK6698
* Insert art varies from being on left or right.
CD Single  661046 2  German
N.I.B. cover art on back
* Also comes with 4 x 4 sticker of cover art

Auburn Slip
Eve To Adam
2001  Cover
CD  MIK 003  Line art as background in booklet
CD Single
Paper Sleeve    Line art on disc & sleeve
CD Single
Jewel Case       Line art on disc and insert

Black Aria
Glenn Danzig
1992  Cover
Cassette  PL9 MC11
CD  PL9 CD11  Art also on disc
* Also released in the now defunct “long box” w/art
LP  PL9 11

Boston Modern Orchestra Project  BMOP
George Antheil: Ballet Mecanique
Gil Rose: Conductor
2013  Covers, interior art
CD  B00ET5F08Y

Children Of The Grave
White Zombie
1992  Columbia
CD Single  6489
Tarot art from N.I.B.

Danzig 4
Glenn Danzig
1992  American Recordings
Interior art
CD  9 45647 2  Fold out paper sleeve
CD  BVCP 776  Jewel case w/ booklet  Japanese
LP  9 45647 1  Fold out
* Note – LP # 74321236811 is a foreign pressing and  
does not contain the art, nor do the cassette or song book
1994  Moon Records  Bootleg  Ukranian
Cassette  4 820011 260011  Insert Cover art
2013  American Records  Germany
LP  88697146482  Limited Edition Grey Vinyl
Poster with art in corners
2014  American Records  Germany
LP  1-45647 Limited Edition of 100 Red Vinyl

Danzig 4  Danzig
All Access Pass - Halloween Show
1994  Uses half the art and printed in orange
Backstage Passes - Hospitality / Photo / VIP
1994  Rectangular & Round passes done in blue, red,
purple and black on cloth
VIP Pass
 Laminted Black paper
Bandana  Brockum
1994  23 x 23 cloth bandana
* Art printed large in center and repeated smaller on corners
Necklace Pendant  Danzig
1994  Stamped necklace pendat using interior art
* This was sold at concerts and is very rare
Mousepad  Zazzle  Unlicensed
2011  Labeled as “Demon Angel Yin Yang”
* See also Shirts

Hole In The Sky
Machine Head
2000  Divine / Priority
CD Single  LC 03098  Paper Sleeve
Tarot art from N.I.B. II

Monster Mash
Bobby Pickett & The Crypt Kickers
London Records
1973  Cover
Cassette  M79663 C123750 – RCA Music Club
8-Track  PAR M 79863
8-Track  RCA Music Club
LP  XPAS 71063
Hallmark Records  
2013  Cover

Nativity In Black
Various Artists
1994  Cover and 12 interior illustrations
Promotional Cassette  6474
Cover art only in black & white
Cassette  CT 66335  Fold out insert
Cassette  CPT 1510  Fold out insert  Korean
Cassette  997  Insert  Bootleg  Romanian  Vivo Label
The Bible According To Black Sabbath
 2SK 6544  Promotional w/cover art only
* 2 disc set with original and NIB cover versions
CD  CK 66335  Fold Out Insert
CD  SRCS 7488  Japanese
Foil stamped black Jewel case w/booklet insert
CD  477671 2  Fold out insert  Austrian
LP  477671 1  Cover art w/tarot art on back
LP  238.006  Cover art w/tarot art on back  Brazilian

Nativity In Black  Bootleg
2003  Brazilian
Cigarette Case w/Lighter
Silver case with cover art on both sides
Iron On Transfer Set
Small & large for front and back of shirt

Ozzy Osborne & Primus
2000  Divine/Priority
CD Single  2DPRO02  Paper Sleeve
Tarot art from N.I.B.

N.I.B. Collector’s CD
Ugly Kid Joe
1995  Columbia
CD Single  CSK 6846  Jewel Case
CD Single  661393 1  Paper Sleeve
Tarot art from N.I.B. used as cover
N.I.B. cover printed on back of package

Nativity In Black II
Various Artists
2000  Divine/Priority
Cassette  P4 26095  Fold out insert
Promotional CD  DPRO 81378
CD  P2 26095  Cover & 12 illustrations
CD  BG R 0244  Fold out insert  Chinese
* Cover art on cardboard sleeve and disc
CD VJCP-68233  Japanese
2001  Cover & Tarot art

Once Around The Sun
2000  Control
CD Single  Cover art

Rushin’ Roulette
1978  Bootleg
LP  Verzyl ad art on disc

2010  The Audiocomics Company
CD  Wraparound Cover art,  Illustration on discs

Thin Man
2000  Oscar
CD Single  Cover

Sell The Lie
2012  Monarch Music
Promotional CD Single  Cover art on back insert
CD  Cover

Venrez Coasters  Venrez
2012  Coaster set (12) with CD image
Cigarette Case
Danzig Backstage Pass - VIP Purple
Danzig 4 Necklace
All art copyright Michael Wm. Kaluta and the respective owners.
Danzig Backstage Pass - Photo
Danzig Backstage Pass - VIP Blue
Danzig Backstage Pass - VIP Black
Danzig Backstage Pass - VIP Red
T-Shirts including German tour shirt & Black Aria Thermal
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Monster Mash Cassette