Michael Wm. Kaluta
The Adventure Education Company  AEC
2001  2 illustrations on company flyer

Christmas Cards  M.W. Kaluta
Various personal Christmas cards through the years

Clout Fantasy  Hidden City Games
2006  Illustrated Plastic Game Discs
Redbeard’s Revenge
* Flotsam
* Goldy
* Ship of the Line
* Treasure Ship
* War Barge Admiral
* War Barge Looter
* Booster Pack - Cover art - also used on Goldy chip

Curious Book Shop Stationary  CBS
1975  Ad art used on Stationary and envelopes
* See Shirts

Farscape Reunited  Toy Vault
2003  John Crichton figure - Illustration on ID necklace

Galactic Girl Guides Postcards  Tundra
#1 High Ho
#2 Get In The Swim
#3 Henrietta 10
#4 Girl Guides Sleigh
#5 Trick Or Treat

Graphitti Designs 30th Anniversary  GD
2012  Illustration

Harvard Crimson  Harvard University
1980  Review of The Studio Book

It's Comic Book Day
#  5  (06/12)  Audio Interview

Metropolis Book Plate  Bud Plant
1995  Illustrated signed bookplate included with purchase of book

Michael Kaluta Sketchbook Bookplate  Bud Plant
1993  Illustrated signed bookplate included with purchase of book

Moon Knight Cloth Scroll  Marvel
1985  15 x 20
Cover art from issue # 37

New York Times Book Review  NYT
(03/20/77)  Cover art
* An edited version appears in the WFCA Portfolio, as well as
The Rocketeer Adventure Magazine # 1

Orthotonics Blog
2 photos of Rebby Sharp

Realm Mailing Envelope  Art Nouveau Pub.
1973  1 Illustration

Richard Garrison Wedding Invitation  R.Garrison
1975  Illustrated Envelope & Booklet

Richmond Times Dispatch
(03/19/82)  Article w/photo

Rockon Poster Catalog
 All 6 of Michael's Studio posters shown in sale catalog.

The Shadow Bust  Graphitti Designs
1994  Sculpted by Randy Bowen
Limited to 2500 pieces

The Shadow Crime Fighter Set  Madison
1976  Shadow #1 cover detail used on packaging

The Shadow Crime Fighter Super Copter  Madison
1977  Shadow #1 cover detail used on packaging
*  This piece was issued on a blister pack as well as boxed

The Shadow Model Kit  Diceman Creations
2003  Box art – kit based on Michael’s designs
* There was also a bootleg of this that was slightly different

The Shadow Pins  Graphitti
1990  4 different pins were produced
* Shadow Profile - originally done as a Darkman project design
* Shadow Facing with two guns
* Shdaow Slogan with gun
* Gun

The Shadow Plaque  Diceman Creations
2002  Sculpted plaque based on “Liar’s Poker”
* Two versions with alteration to ring and fitting of the gun on second edition
** The kit was unfinished though Michael offered painted versions

Shadow Riders VFA-13  McIntosh Gaming Forum
1990s  Plane Nose art and patch designs for flight simulator group
* Image used in 2nd Michael Kaluta card set - Card # 68

Starstruck Ipod Case  Zazzle
2011  Case with AudioComics CD art

Starstruck Mugs  Zazzle
* AudioComics Mug
* Good Guys Mug
* Siren Crew Mug

Starstruck Pins  Graphitti
1990  Set 1 includes Brucilla The Muscle, Galatia 9, Erotica Ann,
Verloona Ti, E-V, and a faux Erotica Ann (Mary Medea).

Starstruck Stationary  MW Kaluta
1982  Envelopes and stationary with art produced for Michael’s use

Star Wars Bend-Ems  JusToys
1994  Admiral Ackbar figure  - Packaged with  Star Wars Galaxy
card ‘Ackbar’s Training’  - S variant

SVA Lecture  School of Visual Arts
(04/14/08)  Guest Lecture

Vertigo Postcards  Vertigo
1998  A set of 12 postcards with one using art from
Books of Magic # 28 cover

The Village Voice Newspaper
(12/06/76)  Column mentions appearance at convention

Wonder Woman # 297 Magnet  Bootleg

2 Shadow Illustrations used as background

www.collectingfool.com  Ruben Espinoza
2001  Illustration for web site
* See art in Business Cards section

2001  "Martian Music"
1 Illustration for online article

2011/12  Several illustrations for online articles

 Illustration for site

2014  Photographs for magazine article

1999  5 pg. story “System Freeze” by Poppy Z. Brite
Exclusive to the web site – 1 Illustration
* Later reprinted in The Matrix promotional comic, as well as
The Matric Comics collection
Martian Music / ERBlist.com
All art copyright Michael Wm. Kaluta and the respective owners.
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U        Red
R        Red    
R        Red            
R        Purple        
C        Purple