Michael Wm. Kaluta
At The Edge: Art of the Fantastic  Allentown Art Museum
2012  A 3 month exhibition of fantastic art
1 Illustration with small Bio

Dreamweavers  William King Arts Center
1994-95  Charles Vess & Cindi DiMarzo – Curators
Cover and 2 interior images

Erie Art Catalog  EAC
1980  Cover

Jorgensen Gallery Fantasy Catalog  JG
1978  1 Illustration

Kleinert Gallery Flyer
*  See The Studio page

MicroVisions 5  Society of Illustrators
2010  Original 5 x 7 art created for show and benefit auction
* Image shown at right
** There is no printed catalog or flyer for the show.

NYCA Gallery Exhibit Brochure  NYCA
1977  7 Illustrations with comments by Michael

NYCA Gallery Exhibit Flyer  NYCA
1977  2 Illustrations w/hand lettering

Science Fiction & Fantasy Illustrators  New Britain
1981  “In The Twinkling of An Eye”

Science Fiction & Fantasy Painters  New Britain
1980  “The Sentry”

Spark Generators II  San Francisco Comic Museum
2003  Trade Paper

Totoro Forest Project  Cartoon Art Museum
2008  Trade Paperback  Insight Editions
Karen Paik, Ed.
Catalog of art on display at gallery and auctioned for benefit
1 Illustration "...To Trace The Forests Wild"

Veerhoff Gallery Flyer  VG
1986  1 Illustration
MicroVisions 5
Totoro Forest Project
All art copyright Michael Wm. Kaluta and the respective owners.