Michael Wm. Kaluta
Chutes Libres  Les Editions Du Triton
Fershid Bharucha
1979    Trade Paper
Cover w/black & white story reprints & 16 color pgs.
* See Contents

The Dream Makers  Paper Tiger  
Martyn Dean
1988    Hardcover & Trade Paper
20 pg. chapter on Michael with a selection of art

Echoes: The Drawings Of Michael Kaluta  Vanguard
Motter / Spurlock / Chadwick / Kaluta
2000  Hardcover
Signed limited of 1000
112 pg. Retrospective
Color DJ and black & white interior art
Limited has 16 pgs. of additional art
2000  Trade Paper

Michael Wm. Kaluta Sketchbook  Kitchen Sink
1993  Trade Paper
96 pg. Retrospective
1998  Hardcover
Signed limited of 500 on illustrated tipped in plate

Michael Kaluta Sketchbook Series  IDW
Trade Paper
(04/12)  Vol. 1  Color Covers,  48 Pgs. of Drawings
(08/12)  Vol. 2  Color Covers,  48 Pgs. of Drawings
(12/12)  Vol. 3  Color Covers,  48 Pgs. of Drawings
(05/13)  Vol. 4  Color Covers,  48 Pgs. of Drawings
(04/15)  Vol. 5  Color Covers,  48 Pgs. of Drawings

Michael Kaluta: The Complete Sketchbooks  IDW
2016  Hardcover
Collection of IDW Sketchbook Series

Michael Kaluta Treasury  Glimmer Graphics
1988  Trade Paper
80 pg. Retrospective
Introduction by Charles Vess
Commentary by Michael Kaluta
Color covers with black & white interior art
Bibliography of works to date

The Studio  Dragon’s Dream
*  See The Studio page

Wings Of Twilight  NMB
2001  Hardcover
Signed limited of 500 on illustrated page
80 pg. Retrospective
Intro by Dave Stevens & commentary by Michael
2001  Hardcover
2001  Hardcover
Kaluta Art Book  German Edition
2001  Trade Paper
Kaluta Art Book  Spanish Edition
All art copyright Michael Wm. Kaluta and the respective owners.