Michael Wm. Kaluta
Advance Comics  
1994  Interview w/Joel Goss & Michael

Adventures of The Astral Pirates   E/A
1978  Color trade ad

Adventures of The Astral Pirates Booklet   E/A
1978  8 pg. booklet featuring cover art and 10 Illustrations

Black Book  Comico
1982  Galactic Girl Guides in The Rocketeer Adv. Magazine

Andromeda Bookshop Flyer
 2 pg. "Artificial Limbs"

Books of Magic  DC/Titan UK
1997  Ad card for The Burning Girl

Bud Plant Comic Art Update  Bud Plant
(Spring/Summer/88)  Cover – The Shadow GN 1941
# 155  (09-10/01)  Cover – The Lord of The Rings
* Two of many catalogs from Bud Plant w/Kaluta art

Children of The Grave  Columbia
1994  Trade ad for single

Christopher Enterprises Ads  CE
1976  Border on poster ad
1976  Icarus Had A Sister sketch
1976  Behind Neptune’s Throne sketch

Coastcon XXVI Flyer
 Grand Adventure art

Colorado Comic Art Convention V

The Comic Book Price Guide  Robert Overstreet
#  9  (1979)  Curious Book Shop Ad
* See Miscellaneous
# 12  (1982)  Verzyl ad art used in Comic Heaven ad

Comic-Con International  SDCC
#  1  (1998)  Cover
*  Art from Books of Magic poster

Comic Shop News  CSN
* Previews of upcoming projects. There are many other issues.
# 358  (05/94)  Witchcraft
# 554  (02/98)  Witchcraft: La Terreur
# 556  (02/98)  Witchcraft: La Terreur
# 574  (06/98)  Books of Magic
# 615  (02/99)  Books of Magic
# 627  (05/99)  Books of Magic
# 653  (11/99)  Books of Magic
# 701  (10/01)  The Shadow Millenium Edition
# 839  (08/03)  Hedge Knight # 1
#1144  (06/09)  IDW's Starstruck

Continuum Ad Cards  Aetherco/Dreamcatcher
1999-0  Various ad cards using cover art from the two books

Cosmic Con II Flyer  Toronto, Canada
1973  1 Illustration advertising February 1974 Convention
*  Illustration originally used for 1972 Cosmic Con

Danzig 4 Trade Ad  Danzig
1994  CD art used in ads

Dark Horse Comics Insider  DH
# 22  (10/93)  Cover
# 30  (06/94)  3 pg. interview w/Kaluta & Goss on
The Shadow movie adaptation w/4 illos from the project

Dark Horse Futures  HD
1989  Previews for Starstruck: The Expanding Universe &
The Abyss

Dark Horse Tip Sheet  DH
# 10  (07/93)  Cover

DC Coming Attractions Extra  DC
1981  Madame Xanadu Centerfold

DC Direct Currents  DC
* These early issues were mailed to subscribers
#   5  (06/78)   House Of Mystery #261
# 16  (07/79)   Time Warp # 1 poster
# 18  (07/79)   Time Warp # 2
# 19  (08/79)   House Of Mystery #276
# 20  (09/79)   Time Warp # 3

DC Direct Currents  DC
#   2  (02/88)  History of The DC Universe poster art
# 13  (01/89)  Private Files of The Shadow preview w/art
# 49  (02/91)  Batman/Predator card art
# 66  (09/93)  Spectre #10
Special  (1997)  Cover

DC Releases  DC
# 35  (04/87)  Spectre # 1 cover

Donning/Starblaze Ad Sheets  DS
1988  Personal appearance ad with Metropolis art

Donning/Starblaze Newsletter  DS
(03/88)  Article on Metropolis with art & photo

Dreamweavers Ad Postcard  William King Arts
1994  Fate Of Dollies art

Eve To Adam Promo Sticker  Mikendra
2002  5 inch circular color sticker with cover art
The pencil art is printed on the back

First Team Press Newsletter  FTP
1987  The Shadow Ablaze ad

Game Trade  Diamond Comics
# 65  (07/05)  Preview of Mage: The Awakening w/art

Glimmer Graphics Print Catalog  GG
(09/93)  She’s Leaving Home color ad card

Graphitti Designs Newsletter  Graphitti
(07/90)  Art for The Shadow & Starstruck t-shirts
Early version of The Shadow art – not yet complete
(08/90)  Art for The Shadow pins & Starstruck t-shirts
(11/91)  Art for The Shadow t-shirts & pins
(04/94)  The Shadow Bust

Helix Preview  DC Comics
1996 Vermillion #1

Heresy: Kingdom Come Brochure  Last Unicorn
1996  Cover & interior art

The Highbeams Postcard  John Kaluta
(11/90)  Bad Hobbit illustration for Brother’s band

Kaluta Photoprint Ad Sheets  Woola Boola Wonder Books
1975-78  Hand lettered ads for self published photo prints

Kitchen Sink Catalog  Kitchen Sink
1993  Press release for Kaluta Sketchbook

Legends of the Dark Knight 50 Flyer  DC
1993  Fold out brochure for comic with Michael’s art

The Lord of the Rings Print Ad  Glimmer Graphics
1994  Color ad sheet announcing LOR art print series

Mage: The Awakening  White Wolf
2005  Various items produced to promote the game
Counter Display  Holds promo booklet - same cover art
Mousepad  Uses book cover art
Promo Booklet  Cover art is pg. 368 reversed

Marvel Age  Marvel
#   8  (11/83)  Back Cover
# 12  (03/84)  Starstruck preview w/art
Back Cover Epic ad w/ “Sunstroke” art
# 26  (05/85)  Cover, 3 pg. Startsruck article

Metropolis Color Flyer  Donning
* Color Flyer  Metropolis promo poster & chapter head Illustrations
* Metropolis Publicity Prints  4 black & white prints

Michael Kaluta Series Two Ad Sheet  FPG
1995  Color ad promoting 2nd card set

2005  Postcard featuring poster art for show

2005  Photo of  Michael with Charles Vess

Monster Mash Trade Ad  Parrot Records
1973  Black & white album cover art

The Monster Times Ad Sheet  MT
1972  Panel from "The Most Dangerous Game"

Mystery of the Deadly Diamond Postcard  Graphic Coll.
1988  Color postcard advertising upcoming print

Nativity In Black  Columbia
* Ad Flyer  
4 pg. flyer with cover art
* Card Set  French
Promotional cards with both playing card and Tarot decks
Cover art used as box art and card backs in black & white
* Calendar Cards  Tarot images used on 2 1/2 x 3 5/8
cards w/ 1994-95 calendar on back / known to exist are cards
for After Forever, Black Sabbath, Children of The Grave,
Paranoid & The Wizard.
* Door Hanger  Cover art
* Plastic Mug
Promotional black mug with cover art in white ink
* Postcard  Cover art
* Trade ad  Several color trade ads

Nativity In Black II Postcard  Priority
* Postcard  
Cover art
* Postcard  British Edition / Cover art w/different layout
* Sticker  Cover art
* Sticker Sheet  Cover & tarot stickers
* Tarot Cards  4 cards using art from booklet
* Tarot Cards  French Edition - 12 cards presenting all Tarot art

NYCA Gallery Ad Sheet  NYCA
(03/77)  2 illustrations with hand lettering

Paradise Lost  Legendary Comics
2011-2012  Promotional Postcard

Power Comics  Power Comics Co.
#  1  (1977) 2 pg. Christopher Zavisa Poster Ad

La Premiere Violette  LPV
1972  Clothing Hang Tag
* Based on a hundred year old drawing by Raphael Kirchner

Revlon Ad Design  Revlon
1983  Set designs for Sean Smith Revlon photos

Science Fiction Book Club Flyer  SFBC
(11/76)  Cover - Children Of Dune illustration

Seagate Catalog  Phil Seuling
1978  1 Illustration

The Shadow: Hitler’s Astrologer Ad Sheet  Marvel
1987  Black & white ad sent to comic shops

The Shadow House Ads  DC
1973  Original art was done for smaller ad and
used in later issues for Letters Page Header
Adventure #429 - Full page #1 cover
The Flash #223 - Full page #1 cover
House of Mystery #217 - Full Page #1 cover
Weird Worlds #6 - Third page ad
World's Finest #218 - Half page ad

The Shadow T-Shirt Ad  Kingslayer
1982  Art from shirt - ad ran in several publications

Shirley's Restaurant  Woodstock
1980s  Illustration used on match books and local newspaper ads

Shop Talk  DC
(07/93)  Cover
* An in house newsletter

Singer Sewing Machines Flyer  Singer
In house ad with Charles Vess

Starblaze Newsletter  Starblaze / Donning
(03-04/88)  Article on Metropolis w/ art and photo

Vampirella: Morning In America  Harris
1991  Color 8 ½ x 11 ad sheet

Verzyl Comic Bags Ad
 Illustration used in many ads and mailing label

The Victorian  Penny-Farthing Press
July 00  4 pg flyer - #8 cover art

Vital Vertigo  DC
1998  4 pg color flyer - Witchcraft TPB cover art

WB News Magazine  Waldenbooks
(07/89)  Bill The Galactic Hero ad

White Zombie Trade Ad  Columbia
1999  CD single ad “Children Of The Grave”

Wonder Con 5 Advance Flyer  WC
1991  Black & white cover art
This section includes catalogs and comics that announce upcoming projects, as well as promotional items used to
advertise.  Most comics listed here are specifically advertising comics, and not comics with advertising.
Advertising posters are on the Posters & Prints page
All art copyright Michael Wm. Kaluta and the respective owners.
Nativity In Black Mug
NIB Door Hanger
House of Mystery #217
Nativity In Black Calendar Insert Card - Wizard
Nativity In Black Calendar Insert Card - Children
Nativity In Black Calendar Insert Card - Reverse
Nativity In Balck Calendar Insert card - Balck Sabbath