All art copyright Michael Wm. Kaluta, Jeffrey Jones, Bernie Wrightson,
Barry Windsor-Smith, Sean Smith and the respective owners.
Bernie Wrightson
Big O Catalogs  Big O
1979  Several catalogs of Big O product which includes the
Studio book and Studio posters

Kleinert Gallery Flyer  Kleinert Gallery
1979  Studio Exhibit with photo & illustration

The Studio  Dragon’s Dream
1979  Trade Paper
34 pg. chapter on Michael with a selection of art
Glimmer Graphics
1987  Hardcover w/slipcase
Signed limited of 40 by the 4 Studio artists
* A small press edition of the Dragon's Dream book

The Studio Book Plate  Forbidden Planet  UK
1979  A book plate w/Dragon illustrations by each
of the artists was given out at a signing in London
* Michael's Dragon was actually drawn by Barry as Mike missed
the deadline

The Studio Book Promo Poster  Big O
1979  A two sided poster announcing The Studio Book
Reverse side is a promo for their Geiger Alien book - Folded
16 1/2 x 23 1/2

The Studio Book Store Appearance Flyer  Forbidden Planet
1979  UK
October 27th Flyer

The Studio Book Tour Postcards  Various
1979  Dutch and French postcards were produced using art and
photos of the artists for a promotion book signing tour

The Studio Book Tour Poster  Dragons Dream
1979  Rotterdam  - Orange in color
This can be seen in the Hardcover Kaluta Sketchbook
from Kitchen Sink on the 4th page under the type block
that says, "The drawings, Paintings, notes and scribbles..."
The poster is all type with no art. On that same page at the
upper left is a photo of the 4 artists used on one of the postcards

The Studio Posters Promo Poster  Big O
1979  A two sided poster showing the posters produced
in conjunction with The Studio book - Folded
16 1/2 x 23 1/2

The Studio T-Shirt  Glimmer Graphics
1992  The Studio Logo on front w/artists names on back
20 produced as gifts for The Studio artists & friends

The Studio Panel  Ithacon 11
1986  Video
Original Logo art by Michael Doret

Logo Background Art by Barry Windsor-Smith