Bloodshot T-Shirt  Valiant
2015 Several different designs

Comic Art Convention Program  Phil Seuling
1974  Roy Thomas article with Conan art
1975  5 pg. Interview with photo and art
1978  Cover Art, 2 pg. spotlight with art and photo
Conan art in Roy Thomas article

Comic Con III Program  Limitless Visions  Australia
1981  Conan Sketch

Conan The Barbarian Black Light Puzzle  Third Eye
1971  14 3/4 x 21 3/4 Boxed puzzle

Conan Cimmerian Death Mirror
Bootleg  12 x 14

Conan Coin  Hallmark Mint
1973-74  Coin released in Bronze and Silver

Conan The Destroyer  De Laurentis
1984  Production art

Conan Lunchbox  Dark Horse
2004  Metal Lunchbox

Conan Pin  Marvel
1990  1 1/4 x 2
Limited to 2500

Conan Puzzle
 11 x 9 3/4  Shrink to board

Conan Slurpee Cup  7-11
1975  Plastic drink cup with Conan #1 cover art
* There is also a paper checklist with the art.

Conan Saga Shirts  Marvel
1989  Several covers done on shirts

Conan T-Shirts  Marvel & Various
1971 - present  Many t-shirts done over the years

Conan The Destroyer  De Laurentis
1984  Production design art

Daredevil Cloth Scroll  Marvel
1985  15 x 20
Cover art from Issue # 217

Detroit Triple Fanfare Program  Bob Brosch
1973  Cover, 1/2 page bio

Famous Cartoonist Series Buttons  Pinback Jack
1975  Self Portrait
#  44  Barry Smith

Fantasy Calendar  Family of Woodstock
1994  1 illustration

GbP Christmas Cards  GbP
Various Years

The Hand  Orion Pictures
1981  Art created for use in film

Heroes Convention Program  Heroes Aren't Hard To Find
1991  Cover, interior art

La Medusa Resturant Menu
 Art at top
*  See Opus 1

Marvel Calendar  Marvel
1975  May - Conan

Marvel Value Stamps  Marvel
1970s  # 38 - Red Sonja
Series B Conan Puzzle

Marvel World of Icarus  Pye Records
1972  Album Fold Out art, back cover illo
2007  CD Release

Mid-Ohio Convention Program  MOC
1995  Cover

Opus Calendars  Fantagraphics
2002 & 2003  Art from the first two Opus books

Preflyte Record Album  Columbia
1973  The Byrds

Psyche Print Promo Flyer  GbP
1980  Fold out flyer for print

Ragnarok Sticker  Mark Collins & Eli Friedman
1972  Finger Is Mightier Than The Sword sticker

Rockon Poster Catalog
 All 6 of Barry's Studio posters shown for sale

Rune Temporary Tatoo  Malibu

San Diego Comic Con  
1992  Plastic bag with Magnus artwork

San Diego Comic Convention Program  SDCC
1975  1/2 pg. Bio, ad for Baycon 1 with Barry as guest
1999  Photo and small bio

Storm Cloth Scroll  Marvel
1985  15 x 20
Cover art from Uncanny X-Men issue # 198

Storyteller T-Shirt  Dark Horse
1997  This Is Not Reality - 2 Versions
With and Without blood

TV Guide Ad

UK Comic Art Convention Program
1986  3 pg. Spotlight on Barry

Weapon X Shirt  Marvel
1991  Art from Marvel Comics Presents
Barry Windsor-Smith
All art copyright Barry Windsor-Smith and the respective owners.