Bernie Wrightson
All art copyright Bernie Wrightson and respective owners
2014  Hardcover
Art and review

Behind The Mask of Spider-Man  
Mark Cotta Vaz
2002  Ballantine

Bernie Wrightson: Art & Design For The Gang of Seven
Animation Studio
Hermes Press
2017  SDCC Hardcover Edition
Includes Color cover and Download card
2017  Hardcover

Comic Book Artists  
1993  Attic Books
Bio with art

Comics above Ground: How Sequential Art Affects
Mainstream Media
2004  Trade Paper

DC Comics: Sixty Years of The World's Favorite
Comic Book Heroes
Little Brown
1995  Hardcover

Horror Comic In Black & White  
McFarland & Co.
Richard J. Arndt
2013  Trade Paper
Mentioned in text

Jeffrey Jones: The Definitive Reference
Hill ∙ Kolean ∙ Maris ∙ Spurlock
2013  Slipcased Hardcover / Hardcover / Trade Paper

Knowing Darkness: Artists Inspired by S. King  
George Beahm  
2009  Centipede
Signed Limited Slipcased of 1500

The Lurker In The Lobby  
Andrew Migliore
2000  Tynes Cowan Corp.
Trade paper
Shadow Over Innsmouth illustrations

The Making of Ghostbusters
1985  Trade Paper
21 illustrations
*  Recently reprinted

The Outer Limits At 50  
David J. Schow
Creature Features
2014  Limited Trade Paper
2 Illustrations

Scared! : How to Draw Fantastic Horror Comic Characters
Watson Guptill
2004  Trade paper
Wrightson art used in drawing tutorial

The Stephen King Companion  
George Beahm, Ed.
1989  University Press
Trade paper
Several illustrations from Stephen King books

Swampmen: Muck-Monsters of The Comics  
2014  Trade paper
Art and review of Swanp Thing

Testament: Life & Art of Frank Frazetta
Underwood Books
Fenner / Fenner
2001  Hardcover
Signed Limited Slipcased
2001  Hardcover
1 pg. "Dark Wonders" text on Frazetta

20 Years of Heavy Metal  Anthology
Heavy Metal
1997  Hardcover
3 card illustrations

The Warren Companion  
2001  Signed Limited Hardcover of 1000
Signed by James Warren
2001  Trade paper
Interview w/ art