Bernie Wrightson
All art copyright Bernie Wrightson and respective owners
American Monster
Various promo items - t-shirt, lenticular card

Anguish Model Kit  Sideshow
1999  Vinyl model kit

Batman Button Set # 3  DC
1998  Cult art on 1 button

Bury Christmas Model Kit  Sideshow
1996  1/6 scale

Coven Diskette  Chanting Monks
1998  4 illustrations for Joseph Monks story "Coven"
* See "Stuff Out'a My Head" in Illustrated Books

Creepshow Cockroaches Toy  Remco

Dead Ringer Mirror
 Probably unauthorized

Fantastique Illustration  Joel Pollack
#   4  (Autumn '84)  Cover, 2 interior illustrations
*  This is an original art for sale catalog

Frankenstein Bust  Sideshow
Bronze Edition - 15 of a proposed 50 were produced
Regular Edition - Unpainted  - number of units made unknown

Frankenstein Postcards  Fantagraphics
1990  10 postcards in illustrated envelope

Gargoyle Cloth Scroll  Marvel
1985  15 x 20
Cover art from issue # 1

Howard The Duck Button  Marvel
1976  Campaign Button
*  See Print and Marvel Collector's Edition # 12

I'm Back Model Kit  Sideshow
1997  12" Vinyl Kit
2014  Re-cast 11" Vinyl Kit

JLA Postacrd Set  DC
1998  1 Illustration

Mine Model Kit

NYCA Gallery Catalog  NYCA Gallery
1977  Color cover and interior illustrations of art on display

NYCA Gallery Postcard Invite  NYCA Gallery
1977  Pre-opening Invitation

Prism Ad Sheet

Rockon Poster Catalog
 All 6 of Berni's Studio posters shown for sale

So Dark The Rose Flyer  CFD
1995  4 page ad flyer with cover art on front